In May, we received notice that our grant requesting funds from Clothes Helping Kids, Inc. program was accepted.  We requested grant funds to purchase therapy supplies for children who need special spoons or cups, oral motor stimulation tools, weighted blankets/lap pads, etc. Although many of these therapy materials are small, they are quite expensive. Some items can cost nearly $300, which can be challenging for many of our families. Our state funding does not cover the cost to purchase therapy materials therefore we seek out grants and donations so that we can help provide them to our families.

Randi Malach, program director stated, “Children with developmental delays and disabilities often need special equipment to support their learning. With the support of Clothes Helping Kids this year we are able to purchase special chairs and benches needed by children with physical disabilities. Additionally, we will be purchasing weighted vests, weighted blankets and weighted balls. Weighted vests and blankets are used by children with sensory difficulties, as it helps them to feel calm so that they can sit and sleep, rather than moving around. We are also purchasing special spoons and bottles for children who have difficulty with eating and drinking.”

We are deeply grateful to Clothes Helping Kids for their assistance in providing these much needed materials for our families. If you would like to help provide these materials, you can donate here.


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