The Respite Care Program provides a flexible, short-term break for caregivers.

The Respite Care Program is a service that provides families a flexible, short break from their natural care-giving duties of a child or an adult who is diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability. We provide the care either in the home or other community location.

We provide the care either in the home or other community location.

We contract with providers who go through a series of background checks and training to provide quality and safe care for the individual, while the caregiver has the opportunity to take time for themselves.

You are eligible for Respite Services if you are:

  • A child age 0 through 3 years must be eligible for Early intervention Services and have Respite identified as a service in the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
  • A child age 3 years through 21 must have been determined eligible, and/or have received Early Intervention Services, and met the established condition or the developmental delay eligibility criteria under the FIT Program.
  • A child may also be determined eligible by being developmentally disabled in accordance with DDSD Policy, and/or have been determined developmentally delayed or developmentally disabled by the Public School system. Children ages 3-21 who were formerly eligible for services through the FIT program under the medical, biological or environmental risk categories/definitions will need to meet Public Education Department (PED) special education requirements and be eligible for special education services in the preschool to high school grades in order to receive respite services.
  • An adult age 22 or older must have been determined developmentally disabled in accordance with DDSD Policy

For additional information email: yvetteh@abrazos.org or call Yvette Hall at 505-404-8502.

Abrazos’ Respite Care Program provides families with a short break.

You can go to www.nmhealth.org for more information on local respite providers or call 1-877-696-1472 to reach the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Supports Division.

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