Respite Care

Sometimes you need a break. We can help.

Providing quality and safe care

Respite is a service to families who are in need a short break from their natural care-giving duties of a child or an adult who is diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability.

Abrazos Family Support Services contracts with providers who must go through a series of background checks and training to provide quality and safe care for the individual, while the caregiver has the opportunity to take time for themselves.

Respite is a flexible family support service that provides, short term, temporary care for persons with disabilities.

Respite is a break from the constant care parents must provide to their child with special needs. Respite caregivers care for the child with special needs allowing the family to have freedom to do other things. Parents can take advantage of a well-deserved break knowing that their child is safe, entertained, and involved with their peers in the community.

Respite services are usually provided at the family’s home, at the respite provider’s home, or in the community. Each family chooses their own respite provider from our list of approved and trained providers. Families may also refer a friend or family member who is interested in becoming their respite provider.



Find out if you are eligible

Respite Services.

Children or adults who:

  • Have a delay in their development or developmental disability
  • Are at-risk for developmental delay because of a health, medical or other at-risk condition

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