Recreational Respite

Community activities for individuals with Autism

Providing quality and safe care

Recreational Respite is a service to families who are in need a short break from their natural care-giving duties of a child or an adult who is diagnosed with Autism.

Abrazos Family Support Services creates activities where individuals with ASD are able to have fun in a safe and monitored environment.

Giving families a short break and individuals a sense of community

Recreational Respite is a one of a kind service specific to individuals from 3 years to 21 years with a diagnosis of Autism. This program is similar to our general respite program in which the families get a short term break, however the individuals engage in a variety of community-based activities during that time.

The activities may include Therapeutic Horsmanship, bowling, swimming, trampoline park activities, Autism After School programs and many more.



Find out if you are eligible

Recreational Respite Service.

Individuals from 3 years to 21 years:

  • Have a diagnosis of Autism
  • Able to participate in community-based activities

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